What the Residents Say

Copland’s spirit truly blesses the place. His combination of modesty, sophistication, and indomitable strength is palpable in both the architecture of the house and of its position on Rock Hill: the place encourages confidence in a composer, but also collegiality.

Russell Platt (2007)

I am not one for believing in spirits, ghosts, or the afterlife, but there is definitely something magical about Copland House. If there were such a thing as a place being imbued with spirits, this would be it. It is strange, but it is as if Copland is looking over your shoulder, encouraging you to do your best work.

Robert Paterson (2006)

Robert Paterson

Composer Robert Paterson at Copland House

Copland House’s healing power is palpable. It is probably the most idyllic composer experience I've ever had.

Lisa Bielawa (2001)

My summer spent with Copland’s ghost was both productive and transformative, and utterly unforgettable. Copland House gave me the time and space to think about not just the music, but what it means to be a “classical” composer today.

Raymond J. Lustig (2010)

Raymond J. Lustig

Award Winner Raymond J. Lustig Working at Copland House

Copland House is truly one of America’s treasures for a new generation of composers, and is unique among the current residencies available to composers.

Dan Visconti (2010)

The weeks at Copland House were like continuously drinking from a creative spring. An atmosphere of quality, taste, quiet, freedom, and moderation in the air around the house seemed to perfect one’s inner compositional sortings out. A composer leaves refreshed, satisfied and renewed, and reinvigorated to face the challenges ahead.

Michael Ellison (2006)

Copland House is unique among the leading composer residencies.

Robert Carl (1999)

Copland House gave me a glimpse of the life as an artist that I’ve imagined for myself and have been working towards for the better part of my life, and, more importantly, the conviction to continue to pursue this vision.

Gregg Wramage (2006)

Everything at Copland House was perfect.

Akemi Naito (1999)

Thank goodness there is a Copland House!

Hayes Biggs (2002)

A Copland House residency is unique for its inspiration factor: splendid isolation in a comfortable house with a spectacular setting, composing at the very desk where Copland wrote, and the caring involvement of Copland House personnel.

Robert Xavier Rodriguez (2001)

The luxuriant time and space really let me “visit” at length within my own mind.

Judith Lang Zaimont (2004)

What a marvelous experience I had. The setting was incredibly conducive to creative work. This is an important opportunity for composers.

Donald Crockett (1999)

There is no way to put into words how wonderfully productive and enriching my stay at Copland House was.

Richard Danielpour (2002)

I stole it from time: my residence in the shadow of Aaron Copland. Those days, or weeks –or it could have been years– were suspended in time, lifted out of the everyday train of life and its fretful daily existence. Waking up in Copland's Shangri-La, where racoons rattle acorns on the roof and deer stare at your composing, taking part in it – those are the only important events. Music is created during this non-time, and it has happened so easily, one is left to wonder who composed it.

Janet Maguire (2006)

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