List of Works

Suites, arrangements, or transcriptions are generally not included, except such works as the Sextet, Orchestral Variations, and Emily Dickinson Poems, which are widely known in these alternative versions.

Virtually all works listed are published by:

Boosey & Hawkes
26 East 21st Street
New York, NY 10010
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1918 Night Vocal
  A Summer Vacation Vocal
  My Heart Is In The East Vocal
1920 Old Poem Vocal
  The Cat And The Mouse Piano
1921 Pastorale Vocal
  Three Moods Piano
  Four Motets Chorus
  Petit Portrait Piano
1921-24 Movement For String Quartet Chamber
1922 Alone Vocal
  Passacaglia For Piano Piano
1922-25 Grohg (Rev. 1932) Ballet
1923 Cortege Macabre Orchestra
  As It Fell Upon A Day For Soprano, Flute, And Clarinet Vocal
1923-28 Two Pieces For String Quartet Chamber
1924 Symphony For Organ And Orchestra Orchestra
1925 Dance Symphony Orchestra
  Music For The Theatre Orchestra
  Two Choruses ("The House On The Hill," "An Immortality") Chorus
1926 Piano Concerto Orchestra
  Two Pieces For Violin And Piano Chamber
  Sentimental Melody Piano
1926/48 Four Piano Blues Piano
1927 Poet’s Song Vocal
1927-30 Symphonic Ode (Rev. 1955) Orchestra
1928 Vocalise Vocal
  First Symphony (Arrangement Of Organ Symphony) Orchestra
1929 Vitebsk For Piano, Violin, And Cello Chamber
1930 Piano Variations Piano
1931 Miracle At Verdun Incidental
1933 Short Symphony Orchestra
1934 Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Ballet
  Statements For Orchestra Orchestra
  Into The Streets May First Chorus
1935 What Do We Plant? Chorus
  Sunday Afternoon Music Piano
  The Young Pioneers Piano
1935-36 El Salon Mexico Orchestra
1936-37 The Second Hurricane Opera
  Prairie Journal (Originally Called Music For Radio) Orchestra
1937 Sextet (Arrangement Of Short Symphony) Chamber
1938 Billy The Kid Ballet
  An Outdoor Overture Orchestra
  Lark Chorus
1939 The City Film
  Of Mice And Men Film
1939-41 Piano Sonata Piano
1940 Our Town Film
  Quiet City Orchestra
  John Henry (Rev. 1952) Orchestra
1941 Episode Organ
1942 Danzon Cubano 2-Pianos
  Las Agachadas Chorus
  Fanfare For The Common Man Orchestra
  Lincoln Portrait Orchestra
  Music For Movies Orchestra
  Rodeo Ballet
1943 Song Of The Guerillas Chorus
1943 North Star Film
  Sonata For Violin And Piano Chamber
1944 Appalachian Spring Ballet
  Letter From Home (Rev. 1962) Orchestra
1944-46 Symphony No. 3 Orchestra
1944/82 Midday Thoughts Piano
1945 Jubilee Variations Orchestra
  The Cummington Story Film
1947 In The Beginning Chorus
1947/77 Midsummer Nocturne Piano
1947-48 Clarinet Concerto Orchestra
1948 The Red Pony Film
  The Heiress Film
1949 Preamble For A Solemn Occasion Orchestra
1949-50 Twelve Poems Of Emily Dickinson Vocal
1950 Old American Songs, Set I Vocal
  Quartet For Piano And Strings Chamber
1952 Old American Songs, Set II Vocal
1952-54 The Tender Land (Rev. 1955) Opera
1954 Dirge In Woods Vocal
1955 Canticle Of Freedom (Rev. 1967) Orchestra
1955-57 Piano Fantasy Piano
1957 The World Of Nick Adams Television
  Orchestral Variations (Transcription Of Piano Variations) Orchestra
1958-70 Eight Poems Of Emily Dickinson (Orchestral Version) Vocal
1959 Dance Panels (Rev. 1962) Ballet
1959-72 Three Latin American Sketches Orchestra
1960 Nonet For Strings Chamber
1961 Something Wild Film
1962 Down A Country Lane Piano
  Connotations Orchestra
1963 Danza De Jalisco (In Latin American Sketches) For 2-Pianos
1964 Emblems For Wind Ensemble Band
  Music For A Great City Orchestra
1966 In Evening Air Piano
1967 Inscape Orchestra
1969 Inaugural (Ceremonial) Fanfare Orchestra
  Happy Anniversary Orchestra
1971 Duo For Flute And Piano Chamber
  Threnody I: In Memoriam Igor Stravinsky Chamber
1972 Night Thoughts: Homage To Ives Piano
  Three Latin American Sketches Orchestra
1973 Threnody II: In Memoriam Beatrice Cunningham Chamber
1973-82 Proclamation Piano

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